Birthday Crew for Sharon's Bday!! Looking good people!

Birthday Crew for Sharon’s Bday!! Looking good people!

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  1. Since I worked for maznaiges for 5 years of my life I think I can add some input. Magazine design is a science but it is one that is followed to a tee when it comes to production. Chris is right in most of what he says and the truth is that the only real flexibility, or out the box type design, is done for the cover feature. For the rest of the mag the pages all have templates and you work within those boundaries. Taking it even further, typefaces are never adapted. Mags normally have 2 or 3 approved typefaces and they’re not allowed to go outside of that scope. They’re not even allowed to change colours drastically either.That all said, I agree with Stii on this. We become oblivious to design and that’s why a Mag will redesign every year. They would do it more but the costs in redesigning are enormous.From my perspective there is ZERO way I’m going to do different look and feels for my blog. It would take too much time and TBH I don’t see the point. Stii, you could argue this post is not only about blogs but also about websites. At best, websites only get redesigned once a year and we accept that. To me there’s more important things to worry about because let’s face it people read your blog because of your content, not the look or lack thereof.

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