“Sustainability vs. Effort”

E4MOM for 20min
-12 box jumps (24″,20″)
-12 single arm snatch (50#,35#)
-12 single arm push press (same)
-200m run
*RX remaining time max bar muscle up (if you are using all prescribed weights and movements from above then you can use this scoring system.

Find the zone!

Find the zone!

“Team up”

Teams of 3
30 min amrap
-150 meter partner Sled push
• One person rides the sled while other 2 push together. Rotate every 50m
-6 alternating rope climbs
• one person at a time. Each must climb twice
-12 partner tire flips
• 2 people flip together. Rotate each flip. Each person will flip 8 times
-18 synchronized burpees

“Perfect it”

Strength EMOM
Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
-2 front squats @85% of 1 RM

30min to complete
-clean and jerk
After each set complete
-200m run
*increase weight each set, know where you would like to go and work backwards to find the starting weight.

“Rods and Cones”

Solar eclipse 2017

Solar eclipse 2017


12 min running clock
-50 toes to bar
-40 push press
-30 hang cleans
-20 push jerk
-10 alt pistols
-remaining time max double unders
*Rx version every time you come off a bar (hanging or holding) you will perform 2 burpees before restarting.