4th of July WOD
Team WOD

20min AMRAP
-9 deadlifts (245#,155#)
-8 muscle ups
-9 squat clean (155#,100#)

5 rounds for time
-800m run
-5 rope climbs
-50 push ups
*run is completed together

For time
-row for meters
*every pull one person must complete a burpee at the same time as the pull.


Happy 4th Ohana!

Happy 4th Ohana!

“Ring the Bells”

We would like to express our best wishes to Allyssa and Alex on their wedding day! We love you guys!

20 min AMRAP
-50 double unders
-15 overhead squats (115#,80#)
*every 4 min
-5 muscle ups
**score is over head squats