“Press the floor”

Skill/Drill (15mins)
-20 kick ups.
-Accumulate 1min in handstand.
-20 Hand lifts (each side).
-5 Wall crawls.

Strength (20mins)
Tempo Front Squats
-5 seconds down.
-5 seconds below parallel.
-5 seconds up.
7×1 @ 50% 1RM

10min AMRAP
-200m run
-10 Deadlifts (115#, 85#)

“Hard Core”

-50 double unders
-25 v ups
-40 double unders
-20 sit ups
-30 double unders
-15 toes to bar
-20 double unders
-10 each side side plank pulse
-10 double unders
-5 each leg candle stick

Then 10 min to establish
-heaviest 3 rep thruster


Partner WOD
12 min AMRAP
-8 alt dumbbell snatches (50#,35#)
-8 burpee box jump overs (30″,24″)
-8 alt dumbbell snatches (50#,35#)
*one person works at a time, other statically holds dumbbell overhead


4 person team WOD
8min AMRAP
-100m team run with Plates (2×45#,2×25#)
-6 muscle ups
Rest 3 min

5 rounds
(6min time cap)
-deadlift static hold. (365#,265#)
-20 wall ball shots (20#,14#)
-10 hang power cleans (155#,105#)
*everyone must complete at least 20 wall balls and 10 hang cleans
*WBs and HC can only we done when deadlift bar is up
Rest 5 min from time cap

16 min
Cumulative score as a team of total weight (heaviest lift each)
*one bar for all same sex teams, two bars for mixed gender teams

Do your best, Be safe and we will see you soon!

Do your best, Be safe and we will see you soon!

“Battle Royal”

Partner WOD
(18min time cap)
-60 cal row
-40 clean and jerk (135#,95#)
-40 pull ups
-50 cal row
-30 clean sand Jerk (165#,115#)
-30 chest to bar pull ups
-40 cal row
-20 clean and jerk (185#,125#)
-20 bar muscle ups

*ask coach for your scales options.