“Balls are flying”

Partner WOD for time
-100 wall balls
*everytime you stop you will switch places and the person that was doing the wall balls will do 25 double unders or 75 single jump rope passes

Remaining time will be spent practicing your pull ups

RIP Cory… Awesome job CFO. Thanks for sharing in this experience!


“10/6/12 RIP Cory”

Tragedy has struck and this time it has hit close to home. One of your fellow crossfiters and athlete of CrossFit Inferno was killed in a car accident and past away 2 days ago. Cory McGee will be honored tomorrow here at CFO as well as at CrossFit Inferno and Northern Inferno. Help us to remember this young man.

WOD 40 minute AMRAP
-10 handstand push ups
-6 reps deadlift (315#,225#)
-12 toes to bar
400m run after every 2 rounds

*if not Rx on the deadlift then 70% of your 1rep max

Cory McGee getting busy in the box!! RIP brotha!

“Bob the Builder”

WOD in teams of 3
18 minute AMRAP
Person A.
-row for calories
Person B.
-power snatch (75#,45#) for reps
Person C.
-40ft box carry/15 box jumps, bring box back/15 box jumps

Person C will control the pace. Once person C is done everyone will rotate. Keep a running total for the calories on the row, a running count of power snatches and number of rounds of C completed

Just some good ol' CFO Twister!!


WOD 3 rounds for time
-15 ring dips
-12 sumo deadlift high pull (95#,65#)
-9 thrusters (95,65)

Circle up and squat it out!
-Rest of time we will breakdown the squat
-mobility for better positioning
-getting below parallel

CFO ladies getting busy!!! You gals are Rad!!


“Lets make a Deal”

WOD for reps
5 minute AMRAP
-5 snatch grip deadlift (135#,95#)
-4 box jump (40″,27″)
-3 each arm, single arm kettlebell snatch (24kg,16kg)

5 minute AMRAP
-bear complex (115#, 85#)

5 minute AMRAP
-5 air squats
-4 clapping push ups
-3 handstand push ups

Last station of the shoulder to overhead ladder... get it Allyssa!!!!

“Power Trip”

WOD 3 rounds for time
-15 front squats (185#, 125#)
-12 toes to bar
-9 kettle bell swings (32kg,20kg)


Eric pushing Venessa to the finish!!

“Can you help me move?”

WOD for time
In a team of 2 you will move (10,000#,7000#)
-weight stack transfer 50′ (500#,350#)
*one person must move the entire stack to the other side (50′) build the stack with the pvc pipe in the middle and then move the stack back to the starting position (50′) with pvc in the middle

While your partner works you will perform an AMRAP
-9 jumping pullups
-7 gamestyle push up
-5 med ball cleans (20#,14#)
*for every round completed you will qualify to subtract :10 off of your final time

I freaking love you guys!!